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Navajo Jewelry

Dec 25,2022 | Thewesternjewelry

Whether you're drawn to the beauty of turquoise and silver Navajo jewelry or the earth tones of Indian pottery, learning about American Indian arts and crafts can help you get your money's worth.

Be aware that some unscrupulous retailers will want to trade your money for imitation American Indian crafts.

Golden Flower Turquoise Rings
Silver is used by many Navajo people, who make many beautiful designs incorporating turquoise into silver rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, and belt trays.

They made bead necklaces so perfect that no welds could be seen, and the pretty pumpkin flower pendants were loved by the Hopi. They even make spoons and white stuff - whatever the merchant wants.

Turquoise Ivory White Turquoise Ring

buying tips

American Indian handicrafts are sold through a variety of channels, including travel stores, gift shops, and art galleries. Here are some tips to help you shop wisely:

Buy from an established dealer who will give you a written guarantee or written verification of authenticity.

Ask if your item has a certified label. While not all authentic Indian handicrafts carry this label, handicrafts certified by the Department of Home Affairs (DOI) are genuine.

Handcrafted Native American jewelry is an art form suitable for everyday use—silver can actually reduce tarnish when worn. But you need to keep some special precautions in mind to make sure you don't damage your jewelry.

First, never expose your silver jewelry to cleaning agents, which can irritate many of the gemstones used in local jewelry. While it's tempting to use commercial jewelry cleaners on your silverware, these cleaners can be very harmful to jewelry with gemstones or that has been oxidized by silver (they can darken the area where the design was created).

Instead, use a professional jewelry cloth or gloves to keep your jewelry clean. When storing jewelry, wrap it in flannel and keep it in a box to prevent tarnishing and scratching. For black gemstone and turquoise bead necklaces, lay them full length without bending to prevent individual gemstones from breaking.